How To Bet On Cricket * Cricket Betting Guide, Tips & Strategies

Cara Bertaruh di Cricket

How to Bet on Cricket

Types of Cricket Bets

Cricket is a very different sport to bet on than others like tennis and football and can take longer to complete, especially test matches which are played over 5 days.

If you enjoy watching cricket and have a basic overview of the rules, there are plenty of bet types for you to use:

Match Winner

Who will win the match? There are 3 main types of cricket matches, one-day internationals which are normally played over 50 overs, a T20 match which is played over 20 overs each side, and a test match which is played over 5 days. There is also a new UK format called the Hundred which is played over 100 balls.

Whereas most formats will always have a winner, even if it means going to an extra over. A test match can often end in a draw even though it is played over 5 days so consider that option when betting on the longer format of cricket.

Top Scorer

Betting on which player will score the most runs either within one team or the match as a whole.

Top Wicket Taker

Which bowler will get the most wickets? Again either for a specific team or the match and therefore both teams combined.

How Many Runs Will Be Scored in an Over

Just as it sounds, guessing how many runs will be conceded by a bowler in a specific over.

How Many Runs Will Be Scored Next Ball

If you want to get more specific, most bookmakers will allow you to bet in play on the number of runs from a specific ball, such as over 10, or ball 2.

How Many Boundaries Will Be Scored?

Normally over the course of an inning, you are betting on how many 4’s or 6’s will be scored.

Total Runs Per Team or Match

How many runs either a specific team will score or how many runs the 2 teams will score combined over the course of the match?

The Method of the Next Wicket

Whether the next batsman out will be bowled, caught, LBW, run out, stumped, or another method.

Next Batsman Out

Which of the 2 batsmen at the crease will be the next one to be out?

Runs a Specific Batsman Will Score

Guessing how many runs a player will get either before they are out or when the innings end.

Cricket Betting Rules

Like any sport that depends on the weather, sometimes a match can be adversely affected. What happens to your bet/s in these instances can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but many events are treated the same.

Test Match

As mentioned above, a test match can often lose time to the weather and if that happens, it can end in a draw. Therefore, all bets on a specific team to win will lose and anyone backing the draw will get a winning bet.

50 Over Game

The 50-over game has its own version of what happens if overs are lost to weather called the Duckworth-Lewis method. Most bookmakers will settle bets in accordance with these once a game has finished. A match needs to be played with at least 20 overs each per team in order to count as an official match, if this isn’t possible, bets will likely be voided.


Again, the Duckworth-Lewis method is used to calculate a result when rain affects the outcome. Each side will need to bat at least 10 overs for this to come into effect, if that is not possible then again, all bets will likely be voided.

Where bets have been settled, such as the method of the next wicket, bets will have been settled before the end of the match and will therefore count.

Player Retiring Injured

If a player retires injured, all bets on that player are likely to be settled depending on the number of runs they have scored at the time, just the same as if they were given out. If they do return later in the innings, they will continue with any bets on that specific player that may still be active.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategy

Choose Your Market Carefully

There are a lot of different market types to bet on with cricket so be sure to choose one that you will enjoy watching. If you like seeing batsmen hit a huge six, betting on total runs or a batsman-specific total could be for you. If you prefer seeing a bowler clatter into the middle stump, look at the offers on bowling markets.

Check the weather

Cricket is probably the sport most affected by the weather as they cannot play with even a little bit of rain. If you think rain could have a big impact, look at options such as the draw in a test match or under totals in other formats. It is often hard for a batsman to keep going off for the weather and then coming back out and batting again.

The pitch is important too

Another way that cricket differs from many other sports is the state of the pitch as this could mean it is better for the bowlers or the batsmen or for a specific type of player such as a seam bowler or spinner.

Most TV coverage will cover the state of the pitch before the match begins so listen to what the experts say and plan your bets accordingly.

The toss

Due to the state of a pitch, it may be preferable to bat or bowl first depending on how much of an advantage it is likely to give. Therefore, winning the toss at the start of a game can give a team a huge advantage and can often be the difference between being a favorite and an underdog.

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Author: Jacob Carter